Become a citizen scientist!

The marine wildlife of the Hebrides is being documented and protected on a scale like never before, and it is because of citizen science. It is an exciting time for science and research; never before has it been so accessible to the public.

You can help!

Report your sightings to help track the movements of coastal species such as bottlenose dolphins and uncover the mysteries of rare visitors including humpback and killer whales.



Join us at one of our amazing events where you can meet expert staff and volunteers from the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust.

There are lots of guided walks, dedicated whale watches and community events to join in along the Hebridean Whale Trail. You can find information on the site pages and useful links sections.


Have you spotted a whale or dolphin?

On your visits to sites along the Hebridean Whale Trail, and indeed anywhere on the west coast of Scotland, if you are lucky enough to spot a whale or a dolphin you can report your sighting and help our research to better understand the marine environment.

Check out our sightings platform Whale Track to join a community of citizen scientists monitoring whales and dolphins on the west coast of Scotland. Download the app to see a live sightings map, species identification guide and to let us know if you spot a wondrous creature!


Carry out a whale watch

Want contribute to exciting research on whales and dolphins? Take part in a whale watch at a Hebridean Whale Trail site or through one of the following programmes:

The SeaWatch Foundation monitors whales and dolphins right across the UK. Carry out a watch today!

Whale and Dolphin Conservation run Shorewatch - a network of volunteers looking out for whales and dolphins across Scotland.


A visit to many of the Hebridean Whale Trail sites will involve a trip on a ferry. This can be a fantastic way to see wondrous creatures in the sea!

Use the Whale Track app on your smartphone or tablet to log your excursion on board - this tracks your journey across the Hebrides and records the whales and dolphins your encounter along the way.

CalMac Ferries have a Marine Awareness Programme with a wildlife officer on board some ferries to monitor whales and dolphins, and help passengers spot and identify marine wildlife.

Whale watching on the ferry


Cleaner coasts

We have never been more aware of the huge problem of plastic pollution in our seas. Thanks to programmes like BBC’s Blue Planet we can all see the impact on marine life. Everyone can help tackle this problem by joining a local beach clean or ‘take three for the sea’. Every time you visit the coast pick up at least three bits of litter. If everyone does a little bit, it will have a big impact!